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Smart Thermostat

Make A Smart Thermostat Decision

In the middle of a cold, unforgiving winter, a thermostat may be the most crucial device in any New England home. Modern technology provides a wealth of products when it comes to heating controls. Recently, smart thermostats have risen in popularity and have proven to be a valuable choice for homeowners that seek efficiency and convenience.


A smart thermostat integrates with WiFi and your smartphone device in order to control your heating system remotely. Like a programmable thermostat, a smart thermostat gives you the option to set up scheduled temperature changes. However, it also takes that capability a step further by allowing you to make changes from anywhere at any time. Smart thermostats can provide information such as external temperature and the length of time your HVAC system has been running. In addition, it can notify you when your air filter needs replacement.


Convenience is one of the central benefits for most smart thermostat users. Smart thermostats can be particularly helpful when you’re on vacation, at work, or even lazily lounging on your couch. If you’ve ever come home to a chilly or sweltering house, you can understand the benefits of adjusting the temperature from the road. Smart thermostats can also prevent frozen pipes or overheating.