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In today’s world of ultra-powerful devices, it’s not uncommon to run out of room on an electrical panel—especially in Wells and the surrounding areas, where many original panels are unfit to handle the power that modern appliances require. Whether you own a historic home with unique electrical needs or simply have an older structure with a panel that’s become overcrowded with time, HomeWiz can help you by installing an electrical subpanel. When you need to add more electrical circuits without upgrading your entire panel, subpanels are a cost-effective and smart solution.

At HomeWiz, subpanels are just one of the full range of electrical services we offer. We understand how increased reliance on electricity means older equipment may not be able to handle your needs, and thus you’ll need a safe and effective way to add on to it. We offer quality subpanel installation services to ensure that your home is safe and you have the power you need where you need it. Every installation we complete is backed by our same 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning we hold it to the highest levels of quality. Plus our customer service is unmatched for a truly world-class experience in every aspect of our visit to your home.

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Understanding the Role of a Subpanel in Your Home

Your electrical panel acts as both the heart and the brain of your entire electrical grid. Power from your public utility or other power source flows into your panel. Your panel then distributes this energy as necessary to the different circuits around your home that demand it. Subpanels are almost identical: they split up your electrical service to ease the burden on your main electrical panel, freeing up space to add more circuits.

Consider a Subpanel Installation for:

  • Expanding your living space with a new addition
  • Powering a finished basement effectively
  • Adding more electrical outlets throughout your home
  • Enhancing the stability of aging electrical systems

By distributing your electrical flow more evenly, you can avoid common problems like flickering lights or frequently tripped circuit breakers, especially on circuits with heavy loads such as major appliances. Upgrading your electrical panel can significantly enhance stability and safety, creating dedicated circuits for these high-demand appliances. While mini-breakers are sometimes used for this purpose, they may not be legal in all areas, so it's important to consult with professionals like HomeWiz.

With over 25 years in the electrical industry, HomeWiz's certified team excels in subpanel installations and replacements. We will evaluate your needs, explain your options, and guide you to the best solution for your home and lifestyle.

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Our Family Cares, and It Really Shows: 

  • I feel I have now found the company I will always use and highly recommended to friends and family.

    “On time, great pricing and very professional staff. I’ve dealt with some really awful electrical companies before. I feel I have now found the company I will always use and highly recommended to friends and family.”

    - Kevin L.
  • I now can control my thermostat, lights and window shades all from my phone! Super slick!

    “Their team is incredibly professional, I had an issue with one of the shades 2 weeks after and they sent a tech out that day to make it right under warranty!”

    - Robert P.
  • Dan did a great job helping me understand what was going on with our system and the best way forward.

    “Great up front, friendly, knowledgeable and honest customer service! Highly recommend! Dan did a great job helping me understand what was going on with our system and the best way forward.”

    - Kimberly H.
  • I called them, they showed up on time, gave me a price, and did the job the same day!

    “They installed circuits, 200 amp electrical service, lights, and repaired broken switches/dimmers. I would recommend!”

    - Christopher B.
  • Everything went great with them and I’d definitely use them again.

    “They were extremely professional and efficient. Everything went great with them and I’d definitely use them again.”

    - David T.

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