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The unpredictable nature of New England weather poses a risk of unexpected power outages. In addition to the inconvenience of living without power, your home may lose heat and the pipes could freeze, which can cause serious damage. Many homeowners rely on generators to provide electricity when the power goes out.

At HomeWiz, we offer generator repair and installation in Wells and the surrounding communities of Southern Maine and Coastal New Hampshire. Our licensed electricians can help with everything from choosing the right generator and installation to repair and maintenance services.

If you need more information for a generator installation in Wells or beyond, get in touch with us by telephone at (207) 506-2232. We also offer generator maintenance agreements and same-day as well as emergency services; call today!

Portable vs. Standby Generators

There are two main options for home generators: portable generators and standby generators. Portable generators are the least expensive option, but they are only designed to run a few appliances. You will need to determine which appliances to power with the generator. Portable models are connected to your electrical panel with a transfer switch. Our electricians can install this for you. However, they often are small and can’t really power more than just a few essential appliances.

Standby generators can power most of your home appliances. You have the option of a whole house generator, which powers everything in the house, or a selective circuit generator to maintain power for 8-12 circuits.

How Does a Generator Work?

Automatic stationary generators are the most convenient for homeowners. When the power goes out, the generator will start automatically to supply the power needed to run your appliances, lighting, and other equipment. After normal power is restored, the generator will switch off automatically, so you don’t have to do anything at all.

Standby Generators Can Provide Power to Run:

  • Lights
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Televisions
  • Electronics
  • And more

If your home is surrounded by many trees or you live in an area with a high risk of power outages, a standby generator can help you avoid being left in the dark.

No Electricity? Keep Your Power on With HomeWiz

Investing in a generator installation from HomeWiz is the ideal choice to protect your home during a power outage or loss of electricity. With a portable or standby generator, you can not only keep your electricity running when the power goes out, but you can also protect your appliances and electronics. A sudden loss of electricity can result in electrical damage, a decrease in the lifespan of your appliances and electronics, and even overloading when the power comes back on.

Benefits of a Generator:

  • Protects the home from any potential power surges or significant changes in the voltage to your appliances
  • Keeps your property comfortable as your heating and air conditioning systems are able to operate as normal
  • Provides peace of mind, security, and safety during emergencies
  • Allows for necessary plumbing equipment, such as water heaters and sump pumps, to continue functioning smoothly, reducing the risk of potential water damage or a lack of hot water
  • Offers your home a sense of protection by maintaining the home’s security and automation systems

Whether your power outage or lack of electricity was caused by a storm or a downed tree or power line, a generator can help safeguard your home. To learn more about the countless benefits of a generator system, reach out to our team of electricians today.

Professional Standby Generator Installation

Our team can help you find the right size generator to meet your emergency power needs with quality generators from the top brands in the industry and provide safe and efficient professional installation. You should never attempt to install a generator on your own or connect a portable generator to your home electrical system without the proper safety components in place. Our licensed electricians are trained and equipped to handle all aspects of generator repair and installation in Wells, as well as the surrounding Maine and New Hampshire communities. We can install automatic transfer switches, manual transfer switches, an inlet to operate selected loads, and ensure that everything is working properly for your family’s safety and your peace of mind.

Why Generator Maintenance & Repair Is So Important

Generators need to be serviced regularly to provide efficient and reliable operation. We offer generator repair and maintenance to keep your unit working at peak efficiency for as long as possible. Our Wells electricians are prepared to service equipment from top generator brands, such as Kohler, Generac, Briggs and Stratton, GE, and Winco. Our generator maintenance plan includes a thorough annual inspection, testing, cleaning, and preventive maintenance to ensure that your unit is ready when you need it.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Generator?

When it comes to selecting a generator for your home, there are a few important factors to consider. Our team at HomeWiz can help you navigate the options and choose the right generator to meet your specific needs.

Key considerations when choosing a generator include:

  • Power capacity: Determine the essential appliances and systems you want to keep running during a power outage and select a generator with the appropriate power capacity.
  • Fuel type: Generators can run on gasoline, propane, or natural gas. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of each fuel type and choose the best option for your home.
  • Automatic vs. manual operation: Standby generators can be set up to automatically kick in when the power goes out, providing seamless backup power without any manual intervention.
  • Installation and maintenance: Our team can handle the installation and ongoing maintenance of your generator, ensuring reliable performance when you need it most.

If you want to have a new generator installed or need repair or maintenance service for your Coastal New Hampshire or Southern Maine home, contact HomeWiz today to set up an appointment.

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