HomeWiz Branding

If It Ain’t Broke, Why Fix It?

The process of rebranding a company –especially one that’s been established for 25 years—is never easy. So why go through the hassle at all? The bottom line is that our customers’ opinions mean everything to us. We wanted our brand to reflect our dedication to service, and to show that our family cares. We are a family owned and operated business after all, and we put in an immense amount of attention and detail to each job that we complete.

We wanted to apply that same attention and detail to our brand.

To help with the rebranding process, we hired 36 Creative — an agency based in Salem, New Hampshire — simply because they too, understand that brands matter a great deal. Trent Sanders led the project and assured us that the process would be done right. Their team delivered, and now we have a comprehensive, visually appealing and creative brand that represents who we are and what we do. Our ‘home wiz,’ a cheery guy with a cap and glasses, is a reflection of who we aspire to be: industry experts, but with a supportive and positive attitude – the epitome of good customer service.

Next, we needed to spread the word about our new brand. Direct Printing and Graphics – a printing and promotions company based out of Wells, Maine – was essential in that journey. Bill and Lindsey Hery ensured that we had the right selection when it came to everything from hats and t-shirts to mugs and pencils. It didn’t hurt that they’re a family owned and operated business too – they recognized our challenges and goals when it came to marketing our new look.

As the process draws to a close, we’re happy to say that we’re completely satisfied with our new brand. It’s clean, creative, and modern – but most importantly, we believe that it represents who we are: a company that cares. Stay tuned for more updates on our new journey as HomeWiz.