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Why Isn’t My Heating System Starting Up?

It’s that time of year for most New Englanders when we begrudgingly turn on our heating systems for the first time.

If your heating system doesn’t start up like it should, it’s better to figure it out now than in the dead of winter. Before you call a licensed HVAC specialist, there are a few things you can check first:

Check your thermostat. It’s been awhile since you last turned on your heat, so it’s possible that you’ve briefly forgotten the ins and outs of your thermostat. Make sure the setting is on the ‘heat’ or ‘auto’ setting. If that doesn’t work, check your thermostat batteries to make sure they haven’t expired.

Check your air filters. Air filters need to be changed regularly. Otherwise they get dirty and clogged, blocking airflow entirely. Clean air filters also help alleviate allergy symptoms. An HVAC specialist can change the air filters as a part of an annual maintenance check. HomeWiz’s service club membership plan for heating maintenance, for example, includes a filter check, among many other tasks.

Check your service switch. Both electric and gas heating systems have a service switch that’s located on your unit. You can typically find the unit in your basement, garage or equipment closet. Make sure the switch is turned on before you fire up the heating system.

Call a professional. There are several other reasons that a heating system isn’t starting up. A hot water heating system with baseboards can get airbound, which means that air gets trapped in the pipes. This is a noisy problem that’s typically marked by gurgling noises when it turns on. This is an issue that is best reserved for certified HVAC specialists to diagnose and troubleshoot.

A heating system, just like a car, needs to be maintained on an annual basis for the best longevity. Regular maintenance checks can ensure that your heating system starts up more reliably as the cold weather sets in. But otherwise, an HVAC system can fall into disrepair to the point where it needs replacement.

At HomeWiz, our experienced HVAC technicians can diagnose and repair any heating issue that you might run into. Our team of professionals will take the necessary steps to troubleshoot an issue – and if you need a complete replacement of your HVAC system, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting and installing a new unit.