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How To Save On Your Heating Bill This Winter

During winter, you’ll do anything to stay warm – like cranking up the heat to its highest setting. So it’s no surprise that heat bills be hundreds of dollars per month in the middle of cold New England winters.

Turning down the heat and wearing layers is an option, but there are more comfortable ways to save money on your winter heating bill. Here’s how you can save on your heating bill, while still staying warm.

Use a smart thermostatSmart thermostats are the best way to regulate your heat. Most smart thermostats come with a mobile app that enables you to set the temperature from your phone and even create a schedule. With a smart thermostat, for example, you can automatically turn down your heat to 55 degrees while you’re at work or asleep – then automatically have the heat go back up in time for your arrival home.

Tune up your heating system. HVAC systems are like cars – they need regular tune-ups to work properly. Without maintenance, heating systems can quickly fall into disrepair and become less effective, so that they need to work harder in order to produce heat. You should tune up your HVAC system on a yearly basis so that it functions with peak performance.

Change your filters. Similarly, it’s important to change the filters in a heating system; dirty filters also cause your heating system to be less effective. You should change the filters a few times a year so that your HVAC system runs at its best.

Use heating zones. A multi-zoned heating system splits your home into separate areas that have different heating needs. During the day, for example, you can set less-used spaces such as bedrooms to 55 degrees and highly used spaces such as the living room and kitchen to a more comfortable 65 degrees.

Insulate your attic. Heat rises, so you can easily lose heat through the roof of your home. You can insulate your attic to avoid this, and to retain the heat in the places where you spend the most time.

Install a ceiling fan. Another way to combat rising heat is to install ceiling fans in your home. The air generated by a ceiling fan can push hot air down, making your living area more comfortable.

Using a space heater can be a tempting way to heat your home, and some think that it can save you money on your heating bill. Although that’s technically true, space heaters can result in exorbitant electric bills instead and should be used sparingly. Typically, heating systems such as heat pumps, furnaces and boilers do a better job of heating your home more efficiently.