Toilet Repair

Why Does My Toilet Take A Long Time To Fill?

After you flush the toilet, the whirring sound of the tank filling should only go on for a few moments. A common problem for homeowners, however, is a tank that takes several minutes or more to fill up. When that happens, it’s important to troubleshoot the issue and find out the root cause.

Water supply valve issues

The water supply valve is usually located under the toilet’s tank, and it can be turned like a faucet. If it’s not fully open, the toilet will only get a small amount of water and therefore take much longer to fill. Fortunately, this is an easy fix – you can turn the valve all the way on to make sure the toilet is getting its proper supply of water.

Valve tube issues

The problem becomes more complex when it occurs inside the tank itself. At this point you should call an experienced technician to ensure the job is done properly. Over time, the valve tank assembly inside the tank can become rusted, calcified or clogged. To remedy the issue, a technician can come out to disassemble the tank and clean out the inside of the valve tube.

Float issues

The float, or ballcock, is the ball attached to a chain inside the toilet tank that prevents the water from overflowing. Standard wear and tear can result in the float to be cracked or damage, which causes the float to sit lower in the tank and prevent the toilet from filling properly. An experienced technician can replace the float to fix the issue.

Water pressure issues

If your toilet has had of history of taking too long to fill, it may be a water pressure issue. A plumber can install a water pressure booster to fix the problem.

No matter what the root cause is, HomeWiz technicians are experienced in toilet repair. Our technicians will arrive on time and ready to work, and can troubleshoot the issue properly.